The Return of….

September 6, 2011

Well here we are, another school year returns with a whole new line up in the Maintenance dept. and some 20 new faculty/staff members. I know that I am certainly looking forward to another great year filled with lots of great food and spirit among the girls. Welcome back, and I certainly hope to post more this year then in previous ones. Now go eat and have fun!

National grilled cheese day

April 12, 2011

What does one make on NGCD, grilled cheese.  But not just grilled cheese because my customers, all girls, won’t stand for that.  We had grilled muenster on 12 grain bread, and roasted vegetables, pesto, and mozz. cheese panini along with the traditional grilled cheese.

Life in the kitchen is getting a little nervie, I think thats a word, with everyone getting on everyones nerve.  And let me tell you, i only have one nerve left it seems.  I have some big functions coming up with the end of the year fast approaching.  Everything ranging from to an old fashion keg party with KC bbq to a formal sit down with multi courses to the final dinner the seniors will have prepared by me, usually chicken parm but we are going to talk them out of that choice.  Well gotta go so go get something eat and enjoy!



February 5, 2011

Well I’m back, I know it’s been a while, but I have been busy.  Lets start by saying that everyone is back to work and I couldn’t be happier.  Now I can go back to being just the Exec. Chef at work, and pt referee.  Been a lttle trying getting used to the new “Team” running things at work.  All in all I would say I am a little more relaxed now that things are starting to get settled. 

Been doing some good things at work.  Lower sodium, less fat, and more whole grains, the kids are really enjoying it.  Been taking things like Creamed Spinac and making them lower in fat by using low fat or fat free ingrediants.  The ids haven’t been able to tell the difference, and the parents think it’s great.  Next we are hoping to get the “Kitchen Herb Garden” growing, if it will ever stop snowing that is.  Growing and using our own herbs is the way to get it started.  Next the other areas of the school will slowly start to get there own gardens growing with different vegetables from LS, lettuces from the MS, and maybe root vegetables from the US.  We will have to wait and see.  Now go Eat, and Enjoy!

A new venture

August 5, 2010

Well we are back, the wife and I that is. After much thought and a lot of time we did it, we jumped on the “Food Truck” band wagon and went ahead and purchased an 18 foot long food trailer. We just got back from Miami Florida where we had it built.

Along with spending countless hours in a truck with my wife, wouldn’t trade that for anything, driving through some of the most rural areas of the south we found some interesting places to eat. No names mentioned, but lets just say NC has a different idea of Italian food then we do. Enough about that. The road side stands and the local farmers markets totally make the drive worth while, all 45 hours round trip. Fresh picked Florida oranges along with Georgia peaches and Boiled peanuts made for a delicious ride home. Nothing fancy with the peaches, just eat um, as for the oranges, well lets just say I have to wait a few days, my wife is making Marmalade out of them. Will keep you informed of how it turns out. I bought the bulk of my findings at a road side stand, pick up truck table and fresh produce next to the highway in Valdosta, GA. Not much to the town, but the people are nice as hell. After talking with my “salesman”, my wife learned a few tricks to boiling peanuts. Most recipes call for just water and salt, 1 cup per gallon of water. A little much for me, so I’ll cut it back. and according to a lot of people that’s it. We are going to try something different, cant tell you yet but if all works out, they should incredible. Now go eat, and have fun

Back From Break

March 22, 2010

Well it’s over, Spring Break that is.  Spring Break is the time of year that everyone who works in the school system looks forward to.  It is a time to recharge your batteries and take that final leap towards summer vacation.

That being said, there certainly was time for some outstanding meals, like the Roasted Chicken Breast with Parsley Gravy, or the Pasta Bolanaise or the countless meals that were either made or ordered, yes I said ordered.  Cooking is my life, but it doesn’t consume my life.  There were day trips to take, Phila. Zoo and Adventure Aquarium, new hardwood flooring to install and take down the Christmas tree, yes you heard correctly I said Christmas tree, and lets not forget the most important thing and that is time with the family.

So now it’s back to the grind and the count down begins, 56 working days, to summer vacation.  So clean off the grills and bust out the smokers summer is on the way and with the variety of fresh food in the summer you are bound to have some pretty fantastic meals.

Snow Day

March 2, 2010

So after a week that saw a variety of lunches from Grilled Cheese and Spiral Cut Ham w/Mac & Cheese to Turkey Tacos and Chicken Parmesan Bites, what does one do on a snow day? PLAY!!, and of course cook. This weekend started with a homemade stromboli & ended with a completely vegetarian Eggplant Parmesan, that just rocked my wifes socks. 3 snow days in 2 weeks was a welcome break with tensions running a little on the high side.

I fired up the snow blower and made a mountain for the kids to sled on in between trying to get my chores on the HDL (honey do list) completed, yes that is quite a long list. Of course that part didn’t work out asa well as I would have hoped. All I know is that spending time with the Wife and kids is why I chose to work @ a private school. The quality of Family Life is Priceless!!

About Me

February 22, 2010

Allow me to finally introduce myself, my is Damon I am a CEC (certified Executive Chef) & a FMP (certified Food Management Professional) I have over 22 years in the industry and have worked from NJ  to SC in Country Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Conference Centers, Caterers, and finally at my current position as Executive Chef/Food Service Director of a Private all Girls school.  I am married with 3 children ranging from a freshman in collage to Kindergarten.  I LOVE Food! & everything that goes along with it.  So I hope you will enjoy my postings, that might include some bitching or maybe not.  So enjoy, have fun, and remember to Play with your food, it can be very rewarding!


February 18, 2010

Hello everyone, I am new at this so please bare with me.  The first thing I have to say will be short and sweet, ok maybe not sweet.  Please, when booking a function of any type, make sure you get your catering director or the person you are working with the correct number of person attending 72 hours prior to the event.  This will prevent the chef, myself, from wanting to go balistic when you goto them the day before your event and want to add another 30 people!  Really people, get me the numbers in advance so anything that needs to be specially ordered can be do and you can have an event to remember.  Thank You